Final Exams

QHS Final Exam Schedule
Posted on 06/12/2023
Final Exams

Final Exam Week is Here! 


Please see memo below for procedures and schedule

QHS Exam Sched 23.pdf

  • During the final exam period Quincy High School will be “Open Campus” and students are expected to arrive on time for each scheduled exam period. 
  • In the event of a school cancellation on an exam day, the schedule for that day will take place upon return to school the following day.
  • In the event of a delayed start, the missed exam period will take place during the make-up exam session provided on the last day of exams.
  • The make-up exam sessions are provided for students who missed an exam period due to an excused absence. All arrangements must be made with individual teachers for a make-up exam period.
  • An unexcused absence from an exam will result in a 0 score on the exam.
  • Each exam period is 90 minutes. All students are required to stay in their testing room for the duration of the exam. Students are not allowed to leave if they finish their exam early. 
  • All exams should be completed in each testing session.