STEM Fair Showcases Student Research and Projects
Posted on 02/15/2024
A student poses in front of her project, "Influence of Diverse Music Genres on Cognitive Peforrmance"

Quincy High School held its annual STEM Fair on Thursday, February 8, 2024, showcasing the hard work of our students who have been working on their research and experimentation since September. The fair provided an excellent opportunity for students to showcase their research projects, and we are grateful to the staff and volunteers who made the event possible.

After much deliberation, the judges have selected the following winners:

First Place - Nathan N. - The Effect of an Oxidizer’s pH on Chemiluminescence

Second Place - Maya T. - How Do Different Sugars Affect Yeast Growth?

Third Place - Sage G. - How Temperature, Concentration and Binder Affect the Dying Process

Honorable Mentions:
Jonathan C.: Creating a Hit (Components of Pop Songs Through the Ages)
John H.: Creating a Self-Sustaining Ecosystem
John M. and Lukin N.: The Effect of Fertilization Time on Bokashi Production
Rachel O.: The Effects of Temperature on the Luminol Reaction
Rachael P.: The Effect of Color on Word Memorization
Minh T.: From Chills to Thrills: A Comparison of Regression Models and Neural Networks in Predicting Future Temperatures
Carolyn Y.: Which is Better, Physical Sunscreen or Chemical Sunscreen?

Congratulations to all of our honorees! We are proud of their achievements and wish them the best of luck as they advance to the Regional STEM Fair at Bridgewater University on March 2nd. From there, some students may earn the opportunity to advance to the Massachusetts State STEM Fair in April, and potentially even the International STEM Fair in Los Angeles in May.

We would like to extend our gratitude to all the students who participated in the STEM Fair, as well as the teachers, volunteers, and judges who made the event a success!