Posted on 02/08/2023
A student explains his project to a bystander (not pictured) - behind him is his project poster, titled "Paper Airplane Aerodynamics"

The Quincy High School Science department hosted the annual QHS Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) Fair on Tuesday, February 7. Over 100 projects were on display and evaluated by volunteer judges at the event. 

The event gives students the chance to interact with professionals from many different fields and careers and contributes to students' personal growth, both academically and socially.

2023 QHS STEM Fair winners include:

First Place: Mirudulaa Suginathan Yamini - Grade 10 - Exhibit of Invisible Radiation from Ionizing Particles through Condensation

Second Place: Christiana Nguyen - Grade 12 - Improving Safety Glasses for Increased Usage and Accessibility

Third Place: Mini Al Tikriti - Grade 11 - Determining if the Amount of Calcium Chloride in a Food Substance Affects Spherification

Honorable Mention: Natalie Tom - Grade 9 - The Effect of H2O Potential Hydrogen on Artemia AND Ganga Mahesh - Grade 11 – Which Moisturizer Works the Best?

Good luck to all of these students as they move on to regional and state fairs!

Image collage shows (clockwise, from top left): A student discusses her project, "How does Soda Affect Teeth?"; a male student smiles for the camera in front of his project, entitled "What is the best design for a bridge"; A student points to a table on her poster; a female student discusses her project, "Tesla Coil Lightning," with a judge; a male student gives a thumbs-up sign while standing in front of his project, "Lasting Effects on Different Colors"; two engineering students pose with their project "Durable Bike Helmet Storage" between them; a female student poses next to her project, "Exhibit of Invisible Radiation from Ionizing Particles through Condensation Nuclei"