Student Schedule Memo

Student Schedule Memo
Posted on 08/17/2023
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Quincy High School student schedules will be viewable in Aspen starting on the evening of Monday, August 21, 2023. If you need help with your Aspen Account information or your Aspen Password Reset, please call the QHS Main Office between 8AM and 2PM at 617-984-8754 or please fill out this form: Student Aspen Password Reset Request. I.T. will reach out to you once your request is complete. You may also send an email to: [email protected]

Every effort has been made to accommodate course requests. Student schedules were built based on the courses you requested at the end of the school year. You may not have received your first course choice due to the following reasons: classes are in conflict with other choices, the prerequisites for the course(s) you requested have not been met, or classes are full. In these cases, every effort was made to place you in an appropriate alternative class. Please note: We cannot accommodate any changes to Health/Physical Education, studies, lunch, or teacher changes. Any requests for level changes must be approved by the appropriate department head or meet course eligibility requirements:

To continue in the Honors or Advanced Level you must have a minimum final grade of 80. To move up a level students must attain department head approval or have a final average of 90 or higher at the CCP level to move to Honors or a final average of 90 or higher at the Honors level to move to Advanced.

If there is an issue with your schedule you can request a change by filling out the QHS SCHEDULE CHANGE REQUEST FORM. You must have a QPS Google account to make schedule change requests, and each student is only allowed one submission. The last day to request a schedule change is Friday, August 25th.

Please note: QHS is moving to a slightly new schedule with lettered blocks to accommodate four lunch periods and will therefore look a bit different than previous years. All students will have one lunch period every day, however, students will not see lunch in their schedule as it will be determined by their scheduled E, F, G, or H block. There will be many more details to follow regarding this new scheduling format.

Counselors will not be available for individual student/parent/guardian consultation until the first day of school. At this time, the only way to request a schedule change is through this online QHS SCHEDULE CHANGE REQUEST FORM. Counselors will be working on these requests over the next few weeks which will be completed prior to the beginning of the school year.

While Aspen will continue to be updated, students will also receive an official paper schedule in homeroom on their first day of school; Wednesday, September 6th for grade 9 students and Thursday, September 7th for grades 10-12. At that time, students will be informed of the procedure for any necessary schedule changes.

A welcome back letter will be sent to students and families from Principal Ford early next week. Enjoy the rest of your summer. ROLL HATS!

William (Bill) Reardon
QHS Department Head, Student Support Services