Art and Music

A display board shows 8 pieces of student artwork at a QHS art fair.

Creative & Performing Arts at Quincy High School

The goals of the QHS high school arts program are consistent with the Massachusetts Arts Curriculum Framework for Dance, Music, Theatre and Visual Arts. The arts department offers students the chance to experience a wide range of learning opportunities within the arts. Students can express ideas and emotions that they cannot express in language alone. In order to understand the range of depth of the human imagination, one must have knowledge of the arts. A variety of assessment methods are used to evaluate what students know and are able to do. The curriculum emphasizes the development of skills and fosters an understanding of creating and performing. One of the programs core values is to create connections between the arts and other disciplines, with an emphasis on the core curriculum.

Through the electives program students will be able to express ideas, emotions and beliefs; acquire and apply the essential skills and literacy unique to each art form; participate in the cultural life of the community; and use imaginative and reflective thinking during all phases of creating and performing.

Creative & Performing Arts Faculty