About Our School

Quincy High School

Quincy High School began in the mid-nineteenth century and has been at its present site since 1924. This historic school is called the Home of the Presidents. In 2010, we welcomed students into a 330,000 square foot, state-of-the-art new building. Technology was thoughtfully integrated into many aspects, assuring students have access to the training they need to compete and succeed in their future. Included in the building are a new 750-seat theater, wireless Internet access, 3-station gymnasium with fitness and multi-purpose rooms, new computer labs and more. The students and staff are grateful to the citizens of Quincy for providing such a beautiful new facility.

At Quincy High School, we are proud of our academic program. We provide courses to meet every student's needs: challenging, advanced courses for college-bound students, technical certification courses, standard courses for all students, and remedial courses for students who need additional help. We also provide training for students who choose to enter the workforce after graduation. We are educating the citizens of tomorrow.

Core Values, Beliefs and Learning Expectations

Quincy High School believes that in order to succeed in the 21st century, all people must think both creatively and analytically, work with diligence both alone and with others, and possess the ability to share ideas clearly with varied audiences. To prepare our graduates for success, Quincy High School provides a safe and supportive learning environment which emphasizes high academic expectations and civic and social responsibility. Our community fosters respect for individual and cultural diversity while our curriculum and programs provide a comprehensive education, which opens multiple career paths. Whether students intend to pursue a college education, employment, or military service, Quincy High School has programs to facilitate their success. Graduates of Quincy High School will be prepared to think, work and share as skilled members of our 21st century global community.

Academic Expectations

Quincy High School students will be able to:

  • Think critically and creatively

  • Work independently and collaboratively

  • Share knowledge effectively

Social Expectations

Quincy High School students will:

  • Assume responsibility for their decisions and conduct

  • Respect the rights of others and exercise life skills that promote personal growth

Civic Expectations

Quincy High School students will:

  • Use historical evidence to gain an understanding of democratic / constitutional principles and practices

  • Formulate viewpoints that reflect a global perspective

Message from the Principal of QHS:

Since the mid-nineteenth century Quincy High School has had a long, standing tradition of excellence. It has been located at its present site since 1924, providing a wide range of academic, technical, and extra-curricular programs. We are a comprehensive high school that holds high expectations for its students and staff to maximize their achievements as skilled professionals and lifelong learners in a secure educational environment.

High academic achievement takes place when the entire school community acts in partnership with these expectations. It is excellence in teaching that is at the heart of this academic goal. The Quincy High School staff respects different learning styles and endorses high academic standards for all its students. We also recognize the importance of the coalitions we establish with our business partners, alumni, and most of all, our parents. We value the importance of families contributing general support to the school and the individual encouragement they give to their children. As a result of these collaborations, we seek to enhance the spirit of community through all of our programs. At Quincy High School we celebrate the diversity in our community by providing opportunities to gain a greater understanding and appreciation of our cultural, ethnic, gender, and religious differences. We treasure this diversity as a resource in our school community. It is this commitment to high standards, collaborative affiliations, and respect for human differences that makes Quincy High School a successful all-inclusive learning institution.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions, suggestions or concerns. I look forward to your support and participation. Together, we will continue to uphold Quincy High School's tradition of excellence.

Principal: Keith Ford, 617-376-3352

Acting Assistant Principal: Edward Smith, 617-376-3363