Mission Statement

Five students work as a group around a laptop in a classroom.

Our mission is to provide a safe and nurturing learning environment for children to achieve their individual maximum potential. Our desire is to develop students who persevere in their studies, take responsibility for their choices, and are honest in their character. We seek to equip the students with the necessary skills to thrive as productive workers and committed citizens and to meet the challenge of change in a global community. We strive to help children discover and explore their gifts and talents and to value and respect each other's uniqueness.

In order to accomplish our mission, staff, parents, and students must work in a collaboration of effort and trust with open communication. Our success will be measured by our students who exemplify a lifelong love of learning.

We strongly believe that the Quincy Public Schools is a school system and learning community that functions with cohesive and unified goals that are understood and shared by all stakeholders. All areas of the school system consistently communicate, collaborate, and cooperate in order to provide the most effective, safe, and nurturing environment in which children and young people may grow and learn. We have a long tradition of educational quality and we pride ourselves on being a learner-responsive school system. The Quincy Public Schools embrace the challenge of the future while relying upon the foundation of our value-rich tradition of excellence.