Oct. 23, 2019 Budget Sub Meeting


Quincy School Committee
Budget and Finance Subcommittee

Mrs. Kathryn Hubley, Chair
Coddington Building
Wednesday, October 23, 2019
6:00 p.m.

  1. FY2020 Staffing Reconciliation - Mr. Mullaney

  2. Quarterly Budget Status Report - Mr. Mullaney


Quincy School Committee

Budget & Finance Subcommittee Meeting ~ October 23, 2019

A meeting of the Budget & Finance Subcommittee was held on Wednesday, October 23, 2019 at 6:00 pm in the Coddington Building. Present were Mr. Anthony Andronico, Mr. Paul Bregoli, Mr. James DeAmicis, Mr. Doug Gutro, Mrs. Emily Lebo, and Mrs. Kathryn Hubley, Chair. Also attending were Superintendent DeCristofaro, Deputy Superintendent Kevin Mulvey, Mr. Robert Cavallo, Mr. James Mullaney, Ms. Maura Papile, Ms. Erin Perkins, Ms. Madeline Roy, Mr. Keith Segalla; Quincy Education Association President Allison Cox; and Ms. Laura Owens, Clerk.

Director of Business James Mullaney presented the staffing reconciliation compared to the FY2020 budget; there is a surplus of 0.5 academic classroom positions at this time

Mr. Mullaney then reviewed the salary budget for the first quarter FY2020, the funding is sufficient to cover the salaries including raises under contracts. As of September 30, less than 10% of salary has been expended for 40 week salaries, 25% for 52-week salaried employees. Step and level raises for the fall have been captured, there will be additional step and level raises in February.

For Academic Expenses, all are in line with typical percentage of expenditures to date, about 50% of textbooks and supplies budgets have been expended (with the exception of Special Education Tuitions). As always, Special Education Tuition is an area to be closely monitored. For Non-Academic Expenses, transportation is also closely monitored, as it goes along with Special Education tuition.

For utility costs, typical encumbrances will be entered for electricity and natural gas.

Mr. Gutro asked whether the school funding bill passed by the Legislature will have a positive effect. Mr. Mullaney said that since the distribution formula is not changing, Quincy Public Schools is not expecting to see a significant difference in Chapter 70 funding.

Mr. Andronico said that local contribution required to meet the funding distribution would cost the city taxpayers more than it would benefit ($11 million in additional revenue contributions vs. $6 million in funding.)

Mr. Gutro asked if there is a retroactive benefit for Quincy Public Schools but any additional funding would be applied to the FY2021 budget.

Mr. Andronico asked if any line items are not where they should be at this time of year. Mr. Mullaney said all items have sufficient funding at this time.

Mrs. Lebo made a motion to accept the FY2020 First Quarter Report and FY2020 Staffing Reconciliation as presented. Mr. Andronico seconded the motion and on a voice vote, the ayes have it.

Mr. DeAmicis made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 6:15 pm. Mr. Bregoli seconded the motion and on a voice vote, the ayes have it.