Sept. 3, 2014 School Committee Meeting


Regular Meeting of the Quincy School Committee
Wednesday, September 3, 2014, 7:00 pm
City Council Chambers, City Hall

I. Approval of Minutes: Regular Meeting Minutes for June 11, 2014 and Special Meeting Minutes for July 30, 2014.

II. Open Forum: An opportunity for community input regarding the Quincy Public Schools. After giving his or her name and address, each speaker may make a presentation of no more than four minutes to the School Committee. An individual may not exchange their time or yield to others.

III. Superintendent’s Report:

A. Inspiring Quincy: Summer Scene 2014

B. Back to School 2014

C. New Professional Staff Orientation

D. Superintendent’s Annual Plan

E. Special Meeting, September 10

F. School Resource Officers

G. Fall Partnership Activities

H. SIP/PIP Review Timeline

I. Preliminary Enrollments

IV. Old Business:

V. New Business:

A. National Background Check for Volunteers - Mr. Mulvey

B. Summer Scene 2014 - Mr. Marani

C. Coordinated Program Review - Deputy Superintendent Mulvey

D. Assessment Calendar - Ms. Roy

E. School Nurse Appointments - Ms. Bailey

F. Gift: Office furniture valued at $22,800.00 for Coddington Hall donated by General Dynamics.

G. Gift: Office furniture valued at $8,500.00 for Coddington Hall donated by the Arbella Insurance Group.

H. Gift: 42-RU Server Rack valued at $1,000.00 to the Career & Technical Education Information Technology Program donated by Mr. Walter Hubley.

I. Overnight Travel: North Quincy High School Air Force Junior ROTC to Camp Edwards, Bourne Massachusetts from September 24, 2014 through September 28, 2014.

VI. Additional Business:

VII. Communications:

VIII. Reports of Subcommittees: A. Facilities & Security Subcommittee: Mr. McCarthy to report on the August 27, 2014 meeting.

IX. Executive Session: None

X. Adjournment:

Subcommittees of the School Committee

Budget & Finance
Hubley/Bregoli, DiBona, Isola, Koch, Mahoney, McCarthy

Facilities and Security

  1. Sterling Building Plans Referred to Subcommittee by the School Building Task Force in 1998.

  2. Coddington Hall Referred to Subcommittee at the May 18, 2011 School Committee Meeting. The City of Quincy has appropriated funds to refurbish Coddington Hall to serve as the Quincy Public Schools administrative offices. Construction is underway with anticipated completion in July 2014.

  3. Houses on Saville Avenue Referred to Subcommittee at the May 18, 2011 School Committee Meeting. Currently home to the City’s Public Building department, the School Committee and Superintendent see no future educational uses for these properties.

  4. President’s City Inn Referred to Subcommittee at the October 10, 2012 School Committee Meeting. Safety concerns have been expressed about this property that abuts the new Central Middle School. Current construction plans were reviewed at the March 18, 2014 Subcommittee Meeting.

  5. School Lobby Security Controls Referred to Subcommittee at the January 23, 2013 School Committee Meeting. Review of existing visitor protocols, with special consideration of current high school policies and discussion of enhancements moving forward for all schools.

  6. Solar Array Installation on School Roofs Referred to Subcommittee at the June 12, 2013 School Committee Meeting and reviewed at the March 4, 2014 Subcommittee Meeting.

  7. Heating Audit Referred at the November 13, 2013 Subcommittee meeting. Heating issues at all schools to be reviewed and prioritized with Public Buildings/Maintenance departments. Reviewed at the March 4, 2014 Subcommittee Meeting.

  8. North Quincy High School Campus Expansion/Teel Field Project Referred at the January 22, 2014 School Committee Meeting. A presentation on the proposed enhancements will be scheduled.

  9. Atlantic Middle School Parking Lot and Traffic Improvements Referred at the January 22, 2014 School Committee Meeting. A presentation of the proposed enhancements will be scheduled.

Health, Transportation & Safety

  1. School Meal Charges Referred to Subcommittee at the March 21, 2012 School Committee Meeting. New state and federal regulations require formalization of the school meal charges policy.

  2. Science Lab Safety: Referred from the Teaching and Learning Subcommittee at the April 2, 2012 meeting. Monitoring of supplies will be handled by School Safety Teams.

  3. Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) Referred to Subcommittee at the September 24, 2012 Special School Committee Meeting. Student Support Services working with Lincoln Hancock, Clifford Marshall, and Parker Elementary Schools on piloting this initiative.

  4. Traffic Concerns at North Quincy High School Referred to Subcommittee at the March 5, 2014 School Committee Meeting. Parent concerns about East Squantum Street crosswalk/parking lot entrance.


  1. Graduation Requirements Referred to Subcommittee at the September 7, 2011 School Committee Meeting and discussed at the October 11, 2011 School Policy Subcommittee. The discussion centered around adding a fourth year of Math as a graduation requirement; the issue is tabled until more is known about the impact of the new Common Core Standards on the Massachusetts frameworks.

  2. New Educator Evaluations Referred at the September 7, 2011 School Committee Meeting and shared with the Teaching and Learning Subcommittee. Further discussion will be held in joint Subcommittee Meetings and Executive Session as it pertains to collective bargaining.

  3. High School Community Service Referred to Subcommittee at the December 14, 2011 School Committee Meeting. In 2014-15, Grades 9-11 plus any seniors who did not complete their Grade 11 requirement will perform Community Service.

  4. Adding CPR as a Graduation Requirement Referred to Subcommittee at the March 21, 2012 School Committee Meeting. Review and discussion of existing policy requested.

  5. Advertising/Sponsorship Opportunities Referred at the June 13, 2012 School Committee Meeting. Review and discussion of amending the existing policy requested to explore the possibility of raising revenue by accepting advertising sponsorships.

  6. Residency Referred at the September 18, 2013 Special School Committee Meeting. Review of existing policy and expansion to include additional information on verification process.

  7. Review of High School Academic and Extracurricular Programs Referred at the November 13, 2013 School Committee Meeting. A comparison of the offerings at both schools to be analyzed to ensure equitable and parallel opportunities for all students at both facilities.

  8. New Regulations Regarding Student Discipline Referred at the May 21, 2014 School Committee meeting for review and discussion and revision of existing policy.  

Special Education

  1. Student Information for Substitute Teachers Originally referred to Subcommittee at the January 17, 2007 School Committee Meeting. Aspen Student Information System Special Education module reports will be utilized to share information with substitute teachers beginning in September 2014.

  2. Special Education Program Assessment Referred to Subcommittee at the January 28, 2012 Special School Committee Meeting. This will be an ongoing discussion of the curriculum initiatives for Special Education.

Rules, Post Audit & Oversight

Teaching and Learning

  1. New Educator Evaluations Referred at the September 7, 2011 School Committee Meeting and shared with the School Policy Subcommittee. The 2013-2014 school year is the first year of the new Educator Evaluation process and a collaboration will continue between the School Committee, Superintendent’s Leadership Team, and the Quincy Education Association around issues related to the implementation.

  2. Media Specialists in Elementary and Middle Schools Referred at the January 23, 2012 School Committee Meeting. Three Middle School Library Teacher positions were added in the FY2014 budget, as well as thirteen Library Support Teachers for the Elementary Schools.

Ad Hoc Committees: Channel 22

Created at the October 27, 2007 School Committee meeting to encourage the greater use of Channel 22 across Quincy Public Schools.

Sterling Building Committee

Music Programs

Created at the January 22, 2014 School Committee Meeting to evaluate the current music programs at the elementary, middle, and high school levels.


Quincy, Massachusetts - September 3, 2014
Regular Meeting of the Quincy School Committee

Regular Meeting

A regular meeting of the Quincy School Committee was held on Wednesday, Regular September 3, 2014 in the City Council Chambers at City Hall. Present were Meeting Mr. Paul Bregoli, Mr. Noel DiBona, Ms. Barbara Isola, Mrs. Anne Mahoney, Mr. David McCarthy, and Mrs. Kathryn Hubley, Vice Chair.

Vice-Chair Presiding

- - -

The Superintendent called the roll and Mayor Koch was absent. Also present were: Dr. Richard DeCristofaro, Secretary; Ms. Laura Owens, Clerk; Mr. Michael Draicchio, Mr. John Fagerlund, Mrs. Mary Fredrickson, Mr. James Mullaney, Deputy Superintendent Kevin Mulvey, Mrs. Maura Papile, Ms. Madeline Roy, Mr. Keith Segalla, Ms. Judy Todd; Mr. Scott Alessandro, Citywide Parents Council Co-President; Ms. Debby Nabstedt, Quincy Parent Advisory Council to Special Education President; and Ms. Allison Cox, President, Quincy Education Association.

- - -

There was a moment of silence for Mr. William Draicchio, father of Director of Security Michael Draicchio, and retired from the Quincy Police department and the City Clerk's office and Mr. Joseph Koch, brother of Mayor Koch, and a long-time staff member of the Parks Department and Department of Public Works.

- - -

Regular Meeting Minutes Approved 6/11/14

Ms. Isola made a motion, seconded by Mr. McCarthy, to approve the Regular Meeting minutes for June 11, 2014. On a voice vote, the ayes have it.

Special Meeting Minutes Approved 7/30/14

Mr. McCarthy made a motion, seconded by Mr. Bregoli, to approve the Special School Committee Meeting minutes for July 30, 2014. On a voice vote, the ayes have it.

- - -

Open Forum

Ms. Alexis Veith expressed her ongoing concern about Grade 5 students at Sterling and Point Webster Middle Schools.

Mr. and Mrs. Mauriello expressed concerns about Open Enrollment process and the impact of limiting this on families across the city.

Ms. Courtney Perdios reiterated her goal of moving Grade 5 students currently at Sterling and Point Webster back to elementary schools and is looking for School Committee to suggest how to proceed with the discussion.

Mr. Scott Alessandro noted that the National Background Check for Volunteers is on tonight's agenda and that Boston Public Schools will not be requiring this check for volunteers. Mr. Alessandro is concerned that the requirement will deter volunteers.

- - -

Superintendent's Report

Dr. DeCristofaro opened his report with Inspiring Quincy featured Summer Scene programs, including Bridge to Reading, SWELL Academy, the Developmental Learning program, Summer YouthWorks, Summer School, New Professional Staff Orientation, and the new School Resource Officers. Dr. DeCristofaro thanked Mr. Marani for his leadership of the Summer Scene and the Superintendent's Leadership Team for grant writing that made many of the programs possible. Over 900 students participated in the summer programs.

Dr. DeCristofaro reviewed the staffing additions from the FY2015 Budget: new academic classroom teachers at the middle school level, including French and Technology teachers, Kindergarten and Special Education aides. He then reviewed the summer Administrative Appointments: Rita Bailey, Coordinator of Health Services; Aliza Schneller, Assistant Principal of Point Webster Middle School; Stacey Bucci, Assistant Principal of Broad Meadows Middle School; Rick DeCristofaro, Principal of Central Middle School; Susan Shea Connor, Assistant Principal of Central Middle School; and Rebecca McInnis, Department Chair of Career & Technical Education. He thanked School Committee for attending last week's New Professional Staff Orientation; Principals and Superintendent's Leadership Team searched out the best candidates for these positions.

Preliminary Enrollment figures total 9,500 students, an increase of about 100 students. More detailed enrollment reports will be presented at the October 8, 2014 School Committee meeting. Ms. Owens presented on the new online Open Enrollment process: 139 requests were received on the first day, slightly higher than the previous year. Confirming emails to parents will share projected sibling open enrollment for each school. Under School Committee Policy, siblings receive priority for Open Enrollment placement.

The School Committee's annual Special Meeting for goal setting will be held on Wednesday, September 10 at 5:00 pm at Coddington Hall. Dr. DeCristofaro will present an end of year review of the Superintendent's Annual Plan once MCAS data is available in late September.

The City of Presidents 5K Run/Walk to benefit the Quincy Public Schools Health & Wellness programs and the Quincy Park Conservancy will be held on Sunday, September 14, 2014 at 10:00 am beginning at Pageant Field.

- - -

Old Business

The Revised Student Discipline Policy, which will be adopting the new law in its entirety, is sitting on the table for this meeting. A vote will be taken at the September 17, 2014 meeting.

- - -

New Business

National Background Check

Mr. Bregoli referred the National Background Check for Volunteers to the Policy Subcommittee; the first Policy Subcommittee meeting is scheduled for September 16 at 5:00 pm.

Extended Day/ Summer Scene Programs

The Extended Day/Summer Scene update was covered in the Superintendent's Report.

Quincy School~ Community Partnerships

Mr. Fagerlund gave an update on the Quincy School~Community Partnership activities, including this week's Backpack and School Supply Distribution events at Snug Harbor and Clifford Marshall. Granite Medical Group also donated school supplies for the educators at Montclair. Upcoming Partner-sponsored events include the Teacher Mini-Grant Reception; the14th annual Fall Gathering; and 'Tis the Season.

The Norfolk County Sheriff's Department is a new Platinum-level Partner; Boston Scientific is doubling their annual contribution; and Mr. Fagerlund is reaching out to new potential partners to support the Arts, Technology, and Academics. A Quincy School~Community Partnership newsletter is in production and will be shared with School Committee at a later date.

Dr. DeCristofaro thanked Mr. Fagerlund and the difference the partners make in all our classrooms; Mr. Fagerlund's diligence in pursuing partners is evident by results.

- - -

Assessment Calendar

Senior Curriculum Coordinator Madeline Roy and Director of Data & Assessment Mary Fredrickson reviewed the Assessment Calendar for 2014-2015. The Assessment Calendar evolves each year and includes mandated and selected assessments administered across Quincy Public Schools. As the school year begins, students in Grades K-8 will be assessed in Reading and Mathematics through DIBELS, DRA, and Benchmark assessments associated with core curriculum. Midyear, students are assessed to ensure acceptable progress for each student and so instructional adjustments can be made. This year, selected Quincy Public Schools were invited to participate in the National Assessment of Educational Progress (North Quincy High School, Grade 12) and Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study (Central Middle School, Grade 8 and Quincy High School, Grade 12). Participation in these assessments is required under the terms of federal funding. Background information was provided for School Committee review.

In reviewing the Assessment Calendar, the decision was made to remove the GRADE Reading Assessment and Otis-Lennon (Grade 4). In weighing the value of these assessments as compared to newer assessments, the evidence was not there to support the continued administration.

Ms. Roy presented a review of the District-Determined Measure Year 2 plan. Last year, over 100 assessments were identified or created teams of teachers and administrators. These were submitted to DESE as mandated and QPS applied for an implementation extension, which has been granted. QPS now has a three-year window to roll out DDMs. In year 2, the DDMs will be informally piloted, scored, and then the data will be reviewed and analyzed so that usefulness and appropriate timing can be determined. Progress plans will be submitted to DESE throughout the year and in June 2015, the final plan must be submitted for the DDMs that will result in Student Impact Ratings at the end of the 2016-17 school year.

Mrs. Mahoney asked about whether results will be available for NEAP and TIMSS. Mrs. Fredrickson said the results are aggregated in the Nation’s Report Card and individual data will be shared for results for released items for the TIMSS. Mrs. Mahoney asked for more detail about the decision to eliminate the Otis-Lennon Test. The test was administered to all Grade 4 students each fall, but in recent years only 12% of Elementary Laboratory Center students were recommended solely from this tool. Mrs. Mahoney asked to be sure that this change in selection criteria is clearly spelled out for students and families. Mrs. Fredrickson said the ELC selection process will continue to employ multiple measures, including MCAS, parent referrals, and school references. Information about new screening tools will be shared with School Committee. Mrs. Fredrickson said that new screenings will identify giftedness and the team is looking to refine the best series of objective indicators to identify students who will be successful in the process.

Ms. Isola asked that the Teaching & Learning Subcommittee review the process for selecting students for the ELC and APC programs as a means to educate parents on the process. Ms. Isola also asked what benefit there is to Quincy Public Schools for participating in these national assessments. Mrs. Fredrickson said that these could be important opportunities for Grade 12 students to show what they know before they head to college; for QPS, it is an indicator of how our curriculum lines up on a national level with advanced students across the country. At Grade 8, students will be selected randomly, but again the goal is about informing the educational community. Ms. Roy said that DESE’s curriculum goals are reflective of these assessments' results.

Mr. Bregoli asked if dropping the Otis Lennon was based on cost or the age of the assessment tool. Ms. Roy said the decision was based on effectiveness; after careful review of the data, it was clear that the tool is outdated. Mr. Bregoli asked what new assessment tools will be considered to assess candidates for ELC. Mrs. Fredrickson said that we use several existing assessments and the whole process will be reviewed later this year at a Teaching & Learning Subcommittee meeting.

- - -

Coordinated Program Review

Deputy Superintendent Kevin Mulvey reviewed the process for the DESE Coordinated Program Review which takes place every six years and is focused on Special Education, English Language Learners, Career & Technical Education (Chapter 74), and Civil Rights. For Civil Rights and Special Education, the selfassessment stage is underway and a tremendous amount of documentation is required. For example, 98 submissions were required to complete the selfassessment for the two categories and each must substantiate adherence to current regulations. DESE’s site review is October 20-24, 2014 and public notice will be posted.

- - -

School Nurse Appointments

Mr. McCarthy made a motion to appoint Eileen Conroy, R.N. as a School Nurse, currently assigned to Atherton Hough Elementary School. Mrs. Mahoney seconded the motion and on a roll call vote, the ayes have it 6-0. Mayor Koch was absent.

Ms. Isola made a motion to appoint Lisa Codner, R.N. as a School Nurse, currently assigned to Snug Harbor Community School. Mr. McCarthy seconded the motion and on a roll call vote, the ayes have it 6-0. Mayor Koch was absent.

Ms. Isola noted that after reviewing the resumes of our newest school nurses, we are very fortunate to have such skilled professionals taking on this important role.


Ms. Isola made a motion to accept the gift of office furniture for Coddington Hall valued at $22,800.00 from General Dynamics. Mr. McCarthy seconded the motion and on a voice vote, they ayes have it.

Mr. Bregoli made a motion to accept the gift of office furniture for Coddington Hall valued at $8,800.00 from Arbella. Mrs. Mahoney seconded the motion and on a voice vote, they ayes have it.

Mr. McCarthy made a motion to accept the gift of a 42-RU Server Rack for the Career & Technical Education Information Technology program valued at $1,000.00 from Mr. Walter Hubley. Ms. Isola seconded the motion and on a voice vote, they ayes have it.

- - -

Overnight Travel

This agenda item was deferred as the trip details are not yet finalized.

- - -

Additional Business

Mrs. Mahoney requested that Open Enrollment be added to the Policy Subcommittee.

- - -


There were no Communications.

- - -

Reports of Subcommittees

Mrs. Hubley noted that full Subcommittee meeting minutes are posted online on the School Committee page at

Facilities & Security Subcommittee

Mr. McCarthy reported on the Facilities & Security Subcommittee meeting that was held on Wednesday, August 27, 2014. Parks Director Mr. Cassani updated the progress on the Atlantic Middle School project which included infrastructure and drainage, field restoration, fencing, paving, and landscaping and should be completed in late September. The greenspace project on the former Quincy High School site is underway with site preparation work and bidding completed. Substantial completion is scheduled for early November. General maintenance of shrubs, trees, and trimming is scheduled to be completed this week to prepare for the opening of school. Additional safety fiber was installed at Lincoln Hancock, Wollaston, and Beechwood Knoll Elementary schools. The Squantum playground will be completed in October and the Atherton Hough playground construction funded through a Community Preservation grant was completed during the summer. Upgrades are planned for other playgrounds later this fall or early next spring: Wollaston, Parker, and Lincoln Hancock. At Clifford Marshall, an additional playground for younger students was funded through the Community Preservation act and will be completed next spring during April vacation.

Summer Maintenance projects were completed at all schools. The project of restriping parking lots at all schools in coordination with the DPW was completed this summer. Computer labs were constructed at Beechwood Knoll and Wollaston. At Bernazzani, the gymnasium ceiling was re-insulated and a new hot water heater installed. At Lincoln Hancock, bathroom faucets and a mixing valve were replaced. At Clifford Marshall, building control issues were addressed and the heating/cooling fluid loop was services and recharged, including replacing valves. This was a major project, the first of three schools scheduled to be completed (Point Webster and North Quincy High School to follow). Merrymount also had maintenance done to the heating system. At Snug Harbor, the water main line to the school was replaced by the Water Department. At the Wollaston School, wood floors were sanded in three classrooms, completing that project. Heating system maintenance was performed at Atlantic, Broad Meadows, and Point Webster. At North Quincy High School, the building control system replacement is underway in both the older and newer sections of the building; installation of new thermostat devices on unit ventilators is also underway; and the History wing was completely refinished. At many schools, painting, carpentry, electrical, and plumbing work orders were completed, along with furniture and equipment moves.

Mr. MacDonald presented an update on the Coddington Hall project, which is substantially completed. Quincy Public Schools and the City IT department have moved in and the Planning Department is moving in September 8. Punchlist items are underway, including completing the AV room and tieing into QATV.

For the Accelerated Repair Program, Wollaston, Merrymount, and North Quincy High School are being sent out for re-bid in September. Revised bid packages are being prepared, with the goal of releasing them on September 24, 2014. For Lincoln Hancock and Parker, the MSBA has assigned a designer and owner’s project manager. Schematic designs are due October 15, 2014; Inspectional Services provided building drawings. The MSBA board meeting is November 19, 2014. The goal is for all five schools to have new windows installed in Summer 2015.

Dr. DeCristofaro updated on the Sterling Middle School. The MSBA will require evidence of local funding authorization by October 30, 2014 so a City Council vote will be required. The Feasibility Study Agreement will be executed and an Owner's Project Manager and Designer selected.

Ms. Dein presented on the Solar Array Installations; the project is underway at eight buildings, with two more to follow later this week. The Della Chiesa Early Childhood Center and Wollaston sites are waiting for interconnectivity with the electrical utility to be completed. At Clifford Marshall, most of the solar panels are installed. In exchange for these installations, the city will receive discounts on electrical usage costs for the next twenty years.

Under the competitive Green Communities Grant, Quincy was awarded $250,000 for retro-commissioning of the heating systems at Lincoln Hancock, Point Webster, and Clifford Marshall. Lighting upgrades are planned for Snug Harbor, Quincy High School (phase 2), Atherton Hough, Broad Meadows, and North Quincy High School. These will be completed over the course of this school year. Lighting upgrades were previously completed at Lincoln Hancock, Clifford Marshall, and Point Webster.

Director of Public Buildings Gary Cunniff updated on the remaining items on the Central Middle School punchlist. The general contractor is still responsible for completing these items, but none are major items that will impact the safe function of the building. Some of these items will be negotiated from the final contractor payment and may be completed by the city or a contractual service.

Mr. McCarthy made a motion to approve the minutes of the Facilities & Security Subcommittee Meeting for August 27, 2014. Ms. Isola seconded the motion and on a voice vote, the ayes have it.

Mrs. Mahoney asked about Grade 5 Sterling and Point Webster considerations raised by parents at Open Forum. Mr. McCarthy said this should be discussed at a Subcommittee meeting. Ms. Isola said that she would like it to be part of the Teaching & Learning goals for 2014-2015.

- - -


Ms. Isola made a motion to adjourn for the evening at 8:45 p.m. The motion was seconded by Mr. DiBona and on a voice vote, the ayes have it.