Sept. 19, 2007 School Committee Meeting


Regular Meeting of the Quincy School Committee
September 19, 2007

City Council Chambers
 7:00 p.m. Regular Meeting

I. Approval of Minutes: Regular Session and executive session minutes for September 5, 2007.

II. Superintendent’s Report:

A. Preliminary 2007-2008: (Mr. O’Brien to report)

  • Class Size
  • Enrollment Outlook

B. Quincy Public Schools Staffing (2007-2008) and Orientation

C. School Improvement Plans (2007-2008) Presentation Dates/Details (Superintendent DeCristofaro to report.)

D. Text/Learning Material Planning. (Mrs. Roberts to report.)

E. Gifts from the Mason Organization. (Mrs. Powell to report.)

F. Safety and Security. (Mr. McPhee to report.)

III. Open Forum: An opportunity for community input regarding the Quincy Public Schools. After giving his or her name and address, each speaker may make a presentation of no more than four minutes to the School Committee.

IV. Old Business

A. Update on building projects, renovations, and construction: Mr. Canavan to report.
B. Update on the New Quincy High School: Mr. Ryan to report.
C. Update on Central and Sterling: Mr. Ryan to report.
D. Superintendent's Evaluation: At the request of Mr. Timmins.

V. New Business:

A. Student Programs - Transitioning from Summer to Fall. Mr. Segalla and Ms. Erler to report.

B. Gifts:

  1. Gift of $33,400 from the Masons Rural Lodge A.F. & A.M. to benefit Quincy Public Schools Health Services and Student Support Services. See Attachment A.

  2. Gift of over $100,000 worth of Trophies Reading Text and Learning materials from Harcourt Educational Publishers for grades K-6. See Attachment B.

  3. Gift of $2,500 from First Presbyterian Church to Sterling Middle School. See Attachment C.

C. Approval of Tax Sheltered Annuity: According to the contract between the QEA and the School Committee, any new carrier must be approved by both parties. See Attachment D.

VI. Additional Business:

VII. Communications:

VIII. Hearings: - none

IX. Reports of Special Committees:

X. Executive Session:

XI. Adjournment:

Subcommittees of the School Committee

Subcommittee Date Referred Business Pending
Budget & Finance
McCarthy/Stice/Mahoney 11/19/2003 Vending Machines in Schools
  1/7/2004 Marshall Remedial Action Plan
  5/27/2004 (Subcommittee) Transportation Fees
  4/11/2007 HS Health Curriculum
Building Needs    
Dwyer/McCarthy/Timmins Major Building Projects  
  3/4/98 QHS/Central/Sterling Building Plans
  10/20/2004 ADA Report
  9/7/2005 Alternative Plans for Central Middle School
  1/25/2006 Fire Extinguishers
  1/25/2006 Outdoor Lighting
  2/8/2006 Conservation
Health, Safety & Security    
Mahoney/Dwyer/Timmins 10/18/2006 NQHS Traffic & Drop off
  4/11/2007 HS Health Curriculum
School Policy    
Stice/Mahoney/Mulvey 1/10/2001 Policy Manual
  11/19/2003 Vending Machines in Schools
  10/18/2006 Sliding Scale for Student Fees
  3/21/2007 Student Records/Transfers, etc.
  5/2/2007 Bullying
Special Education    
Timmins/McCarthy/Mulvey 1/17/2007 Emergency Information Form
  1/17/2007 Substitute Teachers for SPED
  3/21/2007 Implementation of IEPs
Rules, Post Audit & Oversight    



Quincy, Massachusetts - September 19, 2007
Regular Meeting of the Quincy School Committee

Regular Meeting

A regular meeting of the Quincy School Committee was held on Wednesday, September 19, 2007 at 7:40 p.m. in the City Council Chambers, City Hall. Present were Mrs. Anne Mahoney, Mr. Kevin Mulvey, Ms. Linda Stice, Mr. Jim Timmins, Mr. Dave McCarthy, and Ms. Elaine Dwyer, Vice Chairman.
Vice Chairman Presiding

The Superintendent called the roll and Mayor Phelan was absent. Also present were: Dr. Richard DeCristofaro, Secretary, and Mrs. Tefta Burrelli, Clerk; Dr. Pattavina. Messrs. O'Brien, Ryan, Walsh, McPhee, Canavan and Keith Segalla, Ms. Powell, Lebo, Hughes, and Roberts. Mr. Paul Phillips, QEA President, was also present.

The Committee observed a moment of silence for Ms. Rose Sanseverro, a former Quincy Public School secretary, who passed away this week.

Reg.Mins. 9/19/2007 Approved

On a motion by Ms. Stice, seconded by Mr. Mulvey, the Committee approved the regular session minutes for September 9, 2007. The ayes have it.

Supts. Report

The Mayor's Golf Tournament will be held on October 1. Proceeds from this event go back to the schools. On October 19 there will be a Quincy Business Partnership meeting.

Class Size

Mr. O'Brien reviewed the preliminary enrollment and class size figures to date. These numbers continue to change. Last year there were 692 full day kindergarten students, this year there are 636. Grade one stands at 712. Mr. O'Brien will return after October 1 with the official numbers. There are two kindergarten classes at 21 each at Parker School. Ms. Stice asked for more information at the elementary level. The members also requested more information for those high school classes over 30. They want to know which grades have the 20-24 classes and what schools.


The Superintendent presented the staffing resignations for this year as compared with the past six years. The most common reasons for leaving are maternity, then child care, career change, relocation, employment at another school system or a return to graduate school. There were 33 resignations this year.

Mayor arrives at 7:47 p.m.

Ms. Stice made a motion, seconded by Mr. Timmins, that the Superintendent look at the SPED resignation figures, which were high, over the past five years and let the Committee know if this is consistent or unusual. The ayes have it.

Mrs. Roberts shared highlights and feedback from the teacher orientation. There are over 80 new hired staff. Teachers fill out feedback forms. The teachers said they feel very welcomed. They all have new test and learning materials. Harcourt donated over $100,000 worth of books to Quincy Public Schools. A listing of Text/Learning Purchases for the last three years was passed out to the Committee.

Mrs. Mahoney asked when books get delivered because she heard that some schools are still waiting for books. Contracts take six weeks to process. A requisition had gotten lost in the mail, however, 95% of all the materials are in. Every middle school has agenda books.

Gift - Masons

Janet Powell announced that she received a check for $33,000 from the Masons for public access defibrillators. To date, the Masons have donated over $60,000 since 2005 to the Quincy Public Schools.

Security Update

Mr. Ken McPhee reported on efforts to maintain a safe learning environment. The security plan consists of nine security officers, two resource officers, community police officers were at every one of our sites maintaining traffic. Lockdowns are scheduled two times a year. Mr. McPhee will give the Committee a list. Operation Stop Watch is a successful program Quincy started in conjunction with the MBTA

There is a Security Round Table meeting every month. They discuss better ways to service students to get them back on track. A professional comes in every month to speak. He praised Mr. Santoro for doing a great job at Quincy High School with security.

The Committee inquired about students going back and forth to Coddington Hall with the site work and if the College retained use of a couple of rooms. There is a covered walkway from Quincy High to Coddington Hall with security staff on site there and a security staff on each end of the walkway. Mr. Ryan is going to put lights on each end for night time activities.

Mrs. Mahoney asked for a report on the buildings, doors, cameras --to include what we are doing with the equipment we are replacing. She also asked about student crossing at North Quincy High. There is a light change. Mr. McPhee answered that Officer Burgio is there every morning and it seems to be working fine. There is construction going on there that is causing the problem. The Committee asked that a traffic person look at it and have further discussion.

Mr. McCarthy inquired about security around the Quincy High School site. Mr. McPhee said they are doing the best they can. The school Resource Officers have jumped in to help. The three construction gates are manned by Gilbane. They are required to keep that site secure. Tishman walks the site. Mr. Ryan also walks the site three times a day. If he can't do the last check, Tishman will do it.

The Mayor complimented Mr. McPhee and said that the Drug Unit thinks he is doing a very good job and are very impressed. He did ask Mr. McPhee to check into an incident where he saw six or seven tractor trailers idling by the high school. It is very important that if the administrative staff, construction staff, maintenance staff see something like that, they take action right away. That might not be safe for the students. The Mayor wants everyone to be vigilant.

The Superintendent thanked Uncle Sam Roundsville and his wife Jean for their billboard on Newport Ave. and Beale St. expressing their support for the school system.

open Forum

Under the Open Forum, Bob Haley spoke to an article in the Globe dated September 6, 2007 regarding the school building program.

Mr. Paul Phillips, QEA President, reported on a few difficulties with the opening of school -- Quincy High didn't have a passing bell, the elevator didn't work, there is a dust management problem, Coddington Hall has physical and security issues, and Quincy High opened without sufficient communicating methods. Wollaston has a big pile of dirt outside, Wollaston and a couple of other schools have empty furnace rooms. New mercury lights not installed in every school, Honeywell work did interfere with some teachers going in early, and there is a copy paper shortage. Also, other unions in the school system still don't have contracts.

Fall Scene

Janice Erler reported that Summer Scene was a big success and now we are welcoming Fall Scene. She gave the members brochure on all the new programs that are being offered. Lois Blowers and Sara Ahearn reported on 21 S` Century activities available for students. Mrs. Mahoney asked that they clarify the times for the instrumental programs being offered from 3:00 - 5:00 p.m. as it could be confusing to parents.


Mr. Ryan reported that they have provided residents on Newcomb, Saville, Huntley, Whitney, Russell, and Woodward Ave. contact sheets which were dropped off at every house with names and numbers for the Maintenance Office, Gilbane, and the Tishman people. Building information is on the website and channel 22. The website will be updated every other week. All the rubble has been removed from the site. The Mechanical room piping should be in place. At Coddington Hall, the PA system works through the phones. Bells are working at Quincy High School and the East Campus. Maintenance is working on the walkway in the back of the high school by the wetlands. There are two fire hoses working to keep down dust at Quincy High School. Mr. Ryan hasn't heard from the principal of any dust problem and there was only one complaint at the high school about noise. He meets with Frank Santoro every day.

Mr. Timmins asked if he is monitoring closely the proposed spec changes. The bid packages will be ready the first week of October. Mr. Timmins asked that the Committee get drawings as well. He wants to know if there are any proposed spec changes or any proposed changes for any subs relative to the actual package that goes out to subs. He wants to make sure if any changes are made that affect the finances, that the Committee is aware of it.

Mr. Ryan will provide the members with all the information available. As of today, we are ahead of schedule.

Central & Sterling

There is nothing at this time to report on Central and Sterling.

Supts. Evaluation

The members received a draft copy of the Superintendent's Evaluation. Mr. McCarthy and Elaine Dwyer met in the spring and came up with a format they thought would work. Mrs. Dwyer asked the members to take a look at it and any questions, comments, changes to contact Dave or her. They will take them under consideration. They followed the MASC form of evaluation and the DIP.

Mr. Timmins made a motion to put the matter into a subcommittee or perhaps an adhoc committee. He would like to play a part in this.

Mrs. Dwyer said that that would be a problem as it has to be done in open session. There are no subcommittees to put it in.

Mr. Mulvey asked that the evaluation should be private and discussed in Executive Session.

The Vice Chair said that it did not fit into any of the nine reasons for executive session.

Mr. McCarthy said that this was only a draft. Mrs. Dwyer and he discussed the DIP and the six standards at a high level so that they could cover each category that the superintendent is involved in. He'll take any suggestions and comments but thinks right now it's still being built. When it's done, they will all decide on what they want the evaluation to look like.

She stipulated again that the members should provide her or Mr. McCarthy with any information and they will work with the Superintendent and his secretary and come up with another draft.

Mr. Timmins said he may re-evaluate his thoughts about the process. If he wishes to persists in this motion, he will get back to the members.

Building & Grounds

Mr. Canavan reported that the lights for the East side of the campus will be installed as soon as stock gets in. They are in the processing of working on boilers.

With regard to the North Quincy High School gym, they fixed the area of damage and repainted the lines. The final sealing is next. The gym can be used. Mr. Canavan will check to see if they are having classes in there. Mr. Canavan did not know what Mr. Phillips was referring to about the empty furnace room at Wollaston. Mr. Timmins said that he saw a lot of lights out at Central classrooms and the auditorium. Mr. Canavan said 80% of Honeywell's work is finished.

Gifts Masons Rural Lodge

On a motion by Mrs. Mahoney, seconded by Mr. Mulvey, the Committee accepted a gift of 533,400 from the Masons Rural Lodge A.F. & A.M. to benefit Quincy Public Schools Health Services and Student Support Services.

The ayes have it.

Harcourt Educational Publishers

On a motion by Mrs. Mahoney, seconded by Mr. Mulvey, the Committee accepted a gift of over S 100,000 worth of Trophies Reading Text and Learning materials from Harcourt Educational Publishers for grades K-6. The ayes have it.

1'`. Presbyterian Church

On a motion by Mrs. Mahoney, seconded by Mr. Mulvey, the Committee accepted a gift of 52,500 from First Presbyterian Church to Sterling Middle School. The ayes have it.

Tax Sheltered Annuity UBS Financial Services

On a motion by Mrs. Mahoney, seconded by Mr. Mulvey, the Committee approved the Tax Sheltered Annuity Carrier of UBS Financial Services, Inc. to our list of approved Tex Sheltered Annuities. The ayes have it.

Asst. Supt's. Job Description

The Committee received a draft Job Description for the Assistant Superintendent and a copy of the previous one. The Superintendent asked them to take a look at it, and he will put it on the agenda for the next meeting. Any questions, they should call the Superintendent.


The Committee noted the following retirements:

Cafe Mgr: Lucille George

Paraprofessional: Patricia Manolakis

Bus Driver: Alan McLain

Sr. Custodian: Richard Young


The Committee noted the following resignations:

Paraprofessionals: Christine Galvin, Tiffany Su

Lunch Attendant: Kathleen Will


The Committee noted the following appointments:

Teachers: Shane Abboud, Kelly Arnstein, Miriam Arbeit, Valentina Atanassova, Diane Babcock, Susan Baker, Sabrina Berent, Alicia Bertrand, Nicole Boudreau, Rebecca Brumaghin, Christina Buccitelli, Robert Burke, James Camden, Thomas Casserly, Katie Connolly, Paul Conroy, Kimberly DeBello, Kimberly Delaney, Kimberly DeLisle, Kellie Desmond, Daniel Donoghue, David Egan, Heather Ewin, Nicole Fabrizio, John Fidalco, Laura Floor, Kellee Flynn, Joanne Fox, Donna Fuccillo, Kathleen Gainey, Teuta Hajirizaj, Elizabeth Hart, Leo Higgins, Allison Hodges, Michael Imhoff, Edward Holmes, Jane Jaehnig, Tamara Ioanilli, Kristopher Kenney, Andrew Joseph, Jennifer Kuhn, Randall Kerwin, Laura Latini, Patrick Losi, Erin Leahy, Emily Markarian, Jessica Lorman, Scott McGinn, Michael Marani, Leigh Moreno, Melissa Mastrorilli, Jacqueline Niosi, Jaclyn McKim, Jennifer Pickering, Colleen Nichol, Elizabeth Shorey, Bryan Norman, Colleen Smith, Paige Schmeling, Sgt. John Stephens, Eric Skidmore, Amanda Vinitsky, Gregory Somers, Joan White, Rena Tobias, Brendan Welch, Julia Wismar, Jo-Anna Goodwin

SPED Admin.: Richard Kelly

Guidance: Alicia Bertrand, Paula Galvin, Dzung Nguyen, Elizabeth Collura

Literacy Specialists: Elizabeth Collura, Katie Lynch

Occup. Therapist: Keri Johnson

Psychologist: Tary Nadeau

Lunch Attendant: Maureen Durgin

Executive Session

On a motion by Mrs. Mahoney, seconded by Mr. Timmins, the Committee voted to go into Executive Session at 10:32 p.m. for the purpose of negotiations. On a roll call vote, the motion passed unanimously 7-0. They did not return to Open Session.