Quincy Retired Teachers Association

The Quincy Retired Teachers Association Scholarship Fund

Furthering the education of graduates of Quincy and North Quincy High Schools

Brief History

The Quincy Retired Teachers Association Scholarship Fund was established in 1978 with a bequest of $1,000 from the estate of Warren B. Findlay, a math teacher, retired from Quincy High School. The Fund is incorporated and tax-exempt. Contributions are deductible under 501(c)(3). Bylaws assure that all contributions are placed in insured investment accounts and prudent securities. Awards are primarily funded by interest from the accounts.

State and federal forms are filed and an independent audit is conducted annually.

Fund Sources and Growth

Since its inception, the scholarship fund has grown dramatically thanks to contributions in memory of or in honor of individuals and through bequests from estates. Many of these are from retired teachers, their families and friends. The QRTA has provided more than one thousand scholarships totaling more than two million dollars.

Special recognition is given to Harry A. and Louisa P. Beede who willed seventy-five percent of their estate to the Scholarship Fund (approximately $1,250,000) several decades ago. Mr. Beede helped design the Broad Meadows Middle School and was its first principal.

Another significant contributor was John W Walsh, teacher and principal of North Quincy High School. He and his family have contributed more than $200,000 to graduates of both high schools. After his passing in 2012, his son John Walsh, Jr. continues to donate to the Fund.

The estate of Barbara De Wolfe, retired elementary school teacher and assistant principal, notably bequeathed $128,000.

Donations in memory of Arthur H. Morrissey, a 30-year teacher at Quincy Vocational, established scholarships in support of the trades.

All donations to the Scholarship Fund are acknowledged and the honoree or the families of those remembered are informed of each donation award.

Scholarship Distribution

Each year, qualifying seniors at North and Quincy High Schools receive QRTA scholarships. The number of awards assigned to each of these high schools is determined by the amount of allocated funds in proportion to the senior enrollment at each school.

Students apply for these scholarships through their respective high school guidance department. The scholarship committee at each high school selects the recipients. The QRTA asks each scholarship committee to consider high academic or technical achievement, desirable character traits, financial need and active participation in school or community activities.

Our Scholars

Scholarship recipients often respond with "thank you" notes which reflect the appreciation to the teachers and staff of the Quincy Public Schools who have provided a solid educational foundation for their future. Here are just a few excerpts:

"Thank you for choosing me to be the recipient of the QRTA Scholarship. I am very delighted that this award was given as this helped alleviate the costs of college and contributed quite a bit to making this college experience." - DM QHS, 2023

"I am expressing my deepest gratitude for the scholarship that I have been awarded. Receiving this scholarship is a great honor for me and has alleviated a substantial.financial burden. It provides me with the opportunity to pursue my educational goals without the added stress of financial constraints. Your generosity has not only lightened my financial load but has inspired me to work even harder to excel in my studies." -JA QHS, 2023

"It is with the utmost gratitude that I write this thank you letter. I have always dreamed of becoming a scientist, and now with your gift I am one step closer to achieving that dream. Your gift will go toward my biology major at Clark University." -ME NQHS, 2023

Contributions are welcome in any amount and donations may be made to:

Quincy Retired Teachers Scholarship Fund
P.O. Box46
Wollaston, Ma 02170

For more information contact [email protected]