September 6, 2006 School Committee Minutes


Quincy, Massachusetts - September 6, 2006
Regular Meeting of the Quincy School Committee

Regular Meeting

A regular meeting of the Quincy School Committee was held on Wednesday, September 6, 2006 at 7:00 p.m. in the City Council Chambers. Present were: Ms. Linda Stice, Mrs. Anne Mahoney, Mr. Kevin Mulvey, Mr. Dave McCarthy, Mr. James Timmins, and Mrs. Elaine Dwyer, Vice Chairman.

Vice Chair Presiding

The Superintendent called the roll and Mayor Phelan was absent. Also present
were: Dr. Richard DeCristofaro, Secretary, and Mrs. Tefta Burrelli, Clerk; Drs. Mariano and Pattavina. Messrs. O’Brien, Ryan, Walsh, McPhee, Keith and Kevin Segalla, and Mr. Mullaney; Ms. Todd, Hughes, Powell, and Roberts.

Reg. Minutes Approved 6/21/2006

On a motion by Mr. Timmins, seconded by Mr. McCarthy, the Committee approved the regular session minutes for June 21, 2006. The ayes have it.

Mayor Phelan arrived at 7:14 p.m.

Supts. Report

Mr. Keith Segalla reported that Summer Scene 2006 had another very successful summer with 1,800 students participating. The members watched a short film showing students participating at Summer Scene.

The School Business Partnership announced two new members to the Board of Directors -- Dr. Gary Gibbons, CEO of the Quincy Medical Center and President Martha Sue Harris of Quincy College.

The Annual Teacher Mini Grant Reception will be held on October 19th. A new event has been added-- Tis the Season Symphony featuring the two high school choirs and the Quincy Symphony Orchestra at the Marriott on Tuesday, December 5th.

The School Improvement Plan schedule will begin to take shape in the next two weeks. The Superintendent will check with the Mayor and Ms. Stice to arrange the meeting dates and times.

Full Day Kindergarten children will begin their first full day of school on Monday. This initiative has tremendous momentum as teachers and their paraprofessionals spent today and will continue half day tomorrow engaged in Staff Development focused upon our new reading program.

New curriculum materials are in as are the new buses. The Kindergarten enrollment continues to climb and we will engage close to 185 more students as compared to our last years. The Superintendent thanked everyone for their support in getting Kindergarten classes ready and the Mayor for his vision and leadership in this ground breaking investment in young children.


The Superintendent introduced Ms. Renee Lalumiere, Acting Principal at Wollaston, Margaret MacNeil, Asst. Principal at Atherton Hough; Ann Marie Ford, Asst. Principal at Squantum, Ruth Witmer, non teaching Asst. Principal at Lincoln Hancock; Ms. Edie Hughes as Coordinator of Early Childhood Education, Ms. Erin Perkins, SPED Team Administrator; and Ms. Ellie Papile, SPED Team Administrator, who was not present this evening. The Committee wished them all well in their new positions.

Open Forum

As no one wished to be heard at the Open Forum, the Committee went on with the business at hand.

Bldg. Update

Mr. Canavan reported that over the summer Maintenance renovated eight elementary schools for full day kindergarten including upgrading plumbing and electrical work. At Central they replaced the security system, painted ten classrooms, hallways, replaced window moldings, and at Point Webster they replaced the fire alarm. At Lincoln Hancock they updated girls’ and boys’ locker rooms, and at Wollaston, they are meeting with the LSP on Friday to determine what steps to take with the oil tank that has a small leak. All elevators were inspected and outside vendors are cleaning boilers.

The Mayor said he visited Central and found the first floor hallways much brighter than the second and third floors. He asked that more lights be installed in the second and third floor hallways.

Mr. McCarthy asked Mr. Canavan to check on the Sterling gym and he felt the bathroom facilities need more upkeep.


The Mayor has appointed a Building Committee consisting of Ms. Coyningham, City Solicitor; Frank Santoro, QHS Principal; Elaine Dwyer, School Committee Vice Chair; Mayor Phelan; Superintendent DeCristofaro, and Mike Ryan as the Chair. They continue to meet and are making progress. As well, the Building Needs Subcommittee has been meeting and has been apprised of the progress within the entire project, but specifically the developing educational program. Representatives from Tishman, SMMA, Mr. Ryan, and the Superintendent met with Mr. Joe Buckley of the Mass School Building Assistance Bureau to review our progress and discuss the next steps. As well, Tishman representatives have
submitted an application for a 2% loan to the MSBA.

This evening, the Superintendent shared the Quincy High School educational program for discussion and eventual approval. The Superintendent believes that this proposed program satisfies the many converging challenges facing students, professional staff and the community.

The program focuses on a comprehensive integrated program of studies with space that creates an excellent climate for learning. The design offers small interest based learning communities -- academies, that as research and current design indicate, are similar to neighborhoods where students feel more comfortable and never feel isolated. The Educational Program that Mr. Pitkin shared with the committee this evening shows a vision of a personalized educational environment that

a. presents a clear system goal of rigorous curriculum and state of the art,
career and college readiness opportunities for all students
b. it creates the setting for a positive school culture and climate by designing
common spaces within the academies for student gatherings, meetings or
large or small group instruction
c. these areas also stress and emphasis the importance of positive relationships
among students and professional staff.

This will be a comprehensive high school. Technical classrooms will be located near the core subject classrooms. There will be a 750 seat auditorium, a Freshman academy for ninth graders. SMMA has designed a complex that will enhance the community.

Mr. Alex Pitkin gave a three dimensional slide show of a classroom. The Committee will vote at the next School Committee meeting on the document. The site plan showed a new Quincy High School on Coddington with Woodward closed off, a court yard, 350 parking spaces, 250 in back and 100 at Coddington St. for visitors and students. The first floor plan shows the service functions--a large common space and dining hall, the building can be locked down at night. SMMA will work with academic staff on classrooms.

The members asked for a print out of the power point presentation. Mr. McCarthy was concerned with traffic getting out of the parking lot after a game. He suggested another exit by Russell Park. The Mayor asked if there was a possibility of an access road around the building.

Dress Code

Mr. Jim Timmins brought up the issue of a dress code for coaches. He was at a football game and there was a gentleman who wasn’t dressed appropriately running up and down the field. He later found out he was a coach. He said he was embarrassed to see a coach who represents the school system dressed as this individual was. He mentioned BC High
and North Quincy coaches who dress with khaki pants and polo shirts with collars. This, he said, sends a positive message to students and our community and to other communities. It reflects on administration and School Committee members. He would like to see collared shirts and khaki pants.

He asked that the Athletic Director send out notices to all coaches and invite the feedback. Mr. Timmins made a motion, seconded by Mr. McCarthy, to refer the matter of dress codes for Athletics in the Quincy Public Schools to the Policy Subcommittee.

Ms. Stice said she would approach it differently. She passed out a copy of Policy 7.3.2 and the MIAA Coaches Code of Ethics. The fact that Quincy doesn’t have a dress code does not mean that Mr. Rendall or any principal in the school system does not have the responsibility to see that staff are properly attired. They have the responsibility and it is within their authority to speak to coaches and teachers. Mr. Walsh speaks about teacher attire to staff every year. Although she is in complete agreement with Mr. Timmins, she feels the way to address it is by bringing it to the Athletic Director’s attention and have him speak to the coaches. She does not agree that it requires a policy change. If a teacher is not dressed properly, it is within the principal's authority to say something. Just because it isn’t spelled out, in no way takes away the authority of administrations to have a say in the way people come to work in the Quincy Public School.

Mr. McCarthy was in favor of a consistent type of uniform for coaches in every sport.

The Mayor thought it was a great idea and to discuss it in the Policy Subcommittee and invite Mr. Rendall and get input from coaches.

Mr. Mulvey’s recommendation was to have Mr. Rendall present.

On a roll call vote, this issue was placed in subcommittee. MS. MAHONEY, MR. MCCARTHY, MR. TIMMINS, MR. MULVEY AND MAYOR PHELAN voted YES. MRS. DWYER and MS. STICE voted NO. The motion passed 5-2.

Veterans Stadium

Mrs. Mahoney asked the Mayor what the status is on Veterans Stadium. The Mayor said they are working on the inside bathrooms. Work is on schedule and he will keep the Committee updated. Lockers and bathrooms will be replaced. With regard to the brick wall around the stadium, it will be repaired in sections.

Out of Country Travel

The Out of Country travel request to France by North Quincy High students was tabled. Ms. Stice ask for a copy of the current letter which explains to parents that the price of a student’s trip includes the cost of chaperones. The Mayor also questioned why they needed three chaperones.

Gift: Health Services

On a motion by Ms. Stice, seconded by Mrs. Mahoney, the Committee accepted the gift of $1,972.00 from the Rural Masonic Lodge A.F. & A.M. to Health Services for the purchase of EpiPens for the upcoming year. The ayes have it.

Gift: Broadcasting & Automotive

On a motion by Mrs. Mahoney, seconded by Mr. Mulvey, the Committee accepted the donation of broadcasting equipment and a bus from Quincy Telecommunications Board of Directors totaling $50,000 to the broadcasting students and the bus to the automotive department. On a roll call vote, the motion passed 6-0. Mr. Timmins ABSTAINED.

School Nurse Tabled

The appointment of Mrs. Teresa Connors as a school nurse was tabled by Mayor Phelan until her resume is presented to the Committee.

Additional Business

Under Additional Business, Mr. McCarthy asked that another column be added to the Resignation page of the Personnel Package entitled “Reason.”

The Committee asked why the Superintendent moved the ELC to Central. The Superintendent told them it was due to space issues and that the students in the ELC Program would eventually go to Central. Plans have been confirmed with Ms. June Joyce and Ms. Fay Beers. Ms. Joyce has informed all the parents.

Staff Recognition

The Committee thanked Brian Smith for the great job he did on the video of the Summer School.

Building Needs Subcommittee

Mrs. Dwyer reported that there was a Building Needs Subcommittee meeting on August 29. The Building Committee has been meeting all summer and making decisions on the new Quincy High School. There will be a Building Needs Subcommittee meeting on September 13 at 5:00 p.m. Any questions the Committee has should be forwarded to Mrs. Dwyer.

School Improvement Plans

With regard to School Improvement Plans, Ms. Stice told the Committee that the Policy Subcommittee meets with all 18 schools. Any questions the members want addressed should be submitted to Ms. Stice. Ms. Stice took off the Policy Subcommittee listing the Wellness Policy, Homework Policy, School Committee Start Time and Name AH Gym.

The Superintendent announced that they had a positive meeting with Joe Buckley at the MSBA. This meeting was held to bring everyone up to date and promote a good working relationship. There is another meeting scheduled for September 20th.


The Committee noted the following Resignations:

Teachers: David Arruda, Daniella Casey, Stephanie Costa, Alison LeClerc, Scott Madden, Karen Monahan, Leigh O'Donoghue

Instructors: Susan Greeley, John Haelsen

Occupational Therapist: Anna Izsak

Speech Pathologist: Jaimie Langevin

Occupational Therapist: Kathleen Mann

Guidance Counselor: Kimberly Stetz

Lunch Attendants: Virginia Barrett, Dana Calabro, Kelley Condon

Paraprofessional: Jane Bowe


The Committee noted the following Retirements:

Teachers: Loise Brandes, Stephen Brenner, Margaret Brownell, Dorothea Craig, Thomas Donnelly, Jeanne Donroe, Anne Emerson, Frances Gautreau, Janice Gherardi, Janet Halloran, Richard Hart, Jean Healy, Helene King, Cathlene Lamping, Teresa Lawrence, Joyce Lebewohl, Linda Lew-Hanson, Gretha Lovejoy, Joan Meehan, Margaret O'Brien, William Pactovis, Eve Powell, Stephanie Sanborn, Richard Scanlon, John P. Sullivan, Susan Sweetser, Edgar Tatro, Joanne Tribulauskas, Joan Walsh, Barbara Webster.

Computer Chair: Robert Schiess

Psychologist: Dr. Lynn Wegner, Dr. Cynthia Ganung

Speech/Language: Joyce Leberwohl

Asst. Principal: Warren Meehan

Athletic Director: Edwin Miller

Library/Media Chair: Kathleen Mitchell

Team Admin.: Charles Weiler

Cook: Beverly Ladner

Science Chair: Catherine Smith

Leaves of Absence

The Committee noted the following Leaves of Absence:

Guidance: Laurie Guthrie


The Committee noted the following Appointments:

Teachers: Stephanie Aubin, Matthew Benner, Janet Campbell, Dean Chin, Dorothy Clark, Jessica Cochrane, Kerri Composto, Seth Connors, Jessica DelGizzi, Jennifer Diauto, Amy DiRocca, Marisa Donovan, Christine Duncan, Judith Flaherty, Meghan Ginty, Elizabeth Haritgan, Charles Holtz, Matthew Howard, Marie Joy, Kimberly Jones, Courtney Judge, Colleen Keenan, Nancy Kelly, Alison LaBarge, Jennifer Leary, Valerie Lynch, Christine Metrakas, Brian Miller, Rebecca Moje, Mary O’Brien, Cara Pekarcik, Lorraine Principi, Laura Powers, Teresa Quinton, Belinda Ranstrom, Margaret Rosenbaum, Jennifer Russo, William Ryan, Kathleen Scales, Aaron Skowyra, Courtney Sudmyer, Erin Trumble

Occupational Therapist: Lisa Tracy

School Adjustment: Deborah Parrish

Literacy Specialist: Eileen Maver

Lunch Attendants: Vasiliqi Daci, Doreen Fraiser, Patricia Fraiser

Jr. Custodians: James Costa, Michael Furtado

Sr. Clk. & Typist: Donna Raimondi

Jr. Clk. & Typist: Susan Stille


On a motion by Mr. Timmins, seconded by Mr. Mulvey, the Committee voted to adjourn for the evening at 9:00 p.m. There was no Executive Session. On a roll call vote, the motion passed unanimously 7-0.

Minutes published September 9, 2006.