Understanding Special Education Services

Special Education Referral Process

Understanding Special Education services:

Individual Curriculum Plan

When a student presents with difficulties or concerns, they are first provided an individual curriculum plan for additional support. This plan provides instructional support to meet the needs of the student detailing all efforts made, for example:

  • after school subject assistance

  • study skills

  • tutoring

  • extra time

  • parent conference

Modifications vs. Accommodations

Modification: a change in curriculum expectations. For example a modified workload or a work bank on a quiz or test.

Accommodations are supports or services a student needs to demonstrate learning of age/grade appropriate curriculum.

  • audio recordings of books

  • additional time

  • preferential seating

The Referral

A referral to the student support team should include:

  • curriculum accommodation plan

  • observed student behaviors

  • student work samples

  • consideration for cultural and linguistic influences potentially affecting learning

  • MCAS scores

  • identification of learning style

Student Support Team

Student support team will meet to review and discuss the concerns presented by the general education teacher. The team will:

  • Ask questions for further understanding

  • Generate a list of interventions

  • Develop a plan to implement support services

  • Create appropriate progress-monitoring methods

  • Establish a date for follow-up meeting, if necessary

Team Composition

Required on the Student Support Team:

  • Chairperson- person to commit resources

  • Special Education teacher

  • School Psychologist (if tested)

  • Therapist, i.e. Speech, OT, PT, Vision, TOD (if tested)

  • General Education Teacher (for any student who participates in a general ed. class).

Required Components for Assessment 

  • Teacher assessment

  • Educational history

Results of Team Meeting

  • Individualized Education Plan (IEP)

  • 504 Plan

  • No Eligibility

Student Placement

Students must be in least restrictive environment (LRE)

Least restrictive = general education classroom with supplemental aides

Most restrictive = residential placement

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  • Please contact your Department Head (at High School Level).

  • Please contact your assigned TEAM Administrator (elementary and middle school). See your guidance counselor for further contact information.

  • Please contact the Special Education Office and we will direct you to the appropriate person to address your questions (parents).